Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tom Gorzelanny is Suddenly Popular

Sometimes, you see something so weird that you do a double take. That's what happened to me today when I logged on to Yahoo.com. This is what I saw in the lower right hand corner of the page:

This is a direct screen capture as of 3:15 PM EST today. Look at #6. Tom Gorzelanny is the 6th most popular search on Yahoo today? More searched than Tiger Woods? Why is there a Pittsburgh Pirate in Yahoo's top searches of today?

I had my suspicions, so I did my own Tom Gorzelanny search, thinking that some kind of breaking news had occured. Yet:

- Did Tom Gorzelanny die? Thankfully, No.

- Did Tom Gorzelanny get arrested for being involved in an underground dog fighting ring? Again, no.

- Maybe he got caught for soliciting a prostitute. That's big news, right? Nope, nothing to that either.

Alas, there is absolutely no earth shattering breaking news about one of our favorite Pirates. So why the hell is he among today's most popular searches at Yahoo.com. I have no idea why this is so fascinating to me.

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Sean said...

Personally, I'm surprised so many people were able spell Gorzelanny correctly!

Sam said...

You sure those weren't just your personal top searches on Yahoo, Wannstache? Your obsession with Nicole Richie is well documented.

Dave Wannstache said...

Haha, along with Nicole Richie, I'm also obsessed with prostate cancer, Rihanna, and John From Cincinnati...

Actually, those four would make up a formidable list of the evil things that exist in this world. In reality, I despise each and every one of them.

SeanCollier said...

Bashing of the unique and infectious song stylings of Rihanna CANNOT BE TOLERATED!

Anonymous said...

That is the funniest shit I have seen in a while