Thursday, August 30, 2007

This Shit Needs to Stop

A special late post, because I just came across something so moronic I had to post it.

Earlier this summer, Peter King was widely criticized in the Pittsburgh area for his low ranking of Ben Roethlisberger among the top quarterbacks in the National Football League.

Well, Peter King has done it again.

He has released his top 500 players in the NFL today, and Willie Parker comes in at #173. Even worse, Parker is King's 15th rated RB, according to this list. Ahead of Parker are guys like Maurice Jones-Drew, Marshawn Lynch, Travis Henry and Michael Turner. Yes, the same Michael Turner who doesn't even start. The same Michael Turner who could have been had by any team this year for a 1st round pick. You think some team would have given the Steelers a 1st round pick for Willie Parker? If you say no, then sorry, I can't help you. As for Lynch, he hasn't even played a FUCKING DOWN YET! Jones-Drew and Henry? Is he for real?

Parker is at least a top 10 back in this league, and for Peter King to rate guys like Jones-Drew, Lynch, Henry, and Turner ahead of him leads me to believe King should get his head checked out. End of rant.

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Sam said...

That's about as insane as saying Matt Capps is not a top 15 closer. Ok, not exactly the same, but close.

Anonymous said...

The national media just doesn't respect the Steelers for whatever reason. Maybe like Mark Madden, they've learned that the best way to generate ratings is to diss the black and gold whenever possible.