Monday, August 27, 2007

Someone Please Put Out The Tiki Torch For Good

This really is a minor gripe, but I do not like Tiki Barber. Not one bit. Yes, the DAI writers have some funny inside jokes about him, but I hate most everything about him. I hate that he essentially quit on his team, I hate that he called out people on his team after already stating that he quit on them...I just don't like him.

And it has always bugged me that Peter King refuses to say anything bad about him. (Quote of the Week VIII). Granted, he doesn't necessarily defend Tiki here, but I think the general consensus upon hearing about these types of feuds is: "oh, Tiki said something about one of his teammates? oh, that's nice. what's for dinner?"

Does anyone care what Tiki has ever said? All he has ever done is complained about his teammates/coaches/lifestyle/sport/everything. And yes, Eli Manning is not exactly Joe Montana when it comes down to leadership. But you know what? The Pittsburgh Steelers had a veteran running back and a rookie quarterback, and I think it is safe to say that the two learned something from one another. Maybe the Giants might not be a yearly quagmire of discontent if Tiki had spent less time daydreaming about the day he could become a weatherman and more time trying to mentor his rookie quarterback.
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Seth said...

Peter Queen sucks. I do enjoy his MMQB for insight but it always turns into a Patriots/Brett Favre/ latte love fest. He is the biggest New England homer I have ever seen. He is the most biased journalist in sports. Of course he won't talk bad about Tiki, he loves him. All of CNNSI is utter crap. The trio of Dr. ZZZ, Peter Queen, and Don "I am a straight up asshole" Banks make me sick. I want to drive up to the northeast and burn their houses down as they constanly give their smug answers and dismissals of any team not from New York and New Jersey. Want to get me even angrier? Write about his new article called "Top 500 players in the NFL" I think every Patriot starter and bench warmer made the top 250. It's a joke just like his fluff piece writing. The fat whiney asshole has the best job in America yet whines and moans about airplane seats being too small and grading the food at training camp.
Thanks for insipiring me Pat!
Crazy Cousin Seth