Thursday, August 30, 2007

Please Come to Pittsburgh So I Can Punch You

Almost everyone reads Bill Simmons, so it really isnt worth linking to this. But let me just say that if Bill Simmons ever came to Pittsburgh with the intention of shitting all over the town and its fans like he does with the Devil Rays, I will be at the game. And I will beat him unmercifully.

Unless he starts showing his leg hair like he does in his photoblog. Then I will run away and cry.
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Anonymous said...

Love your blog.....

Im not sure if you have read Simmons' book or not, but he rates Pittsburgh his second most underrated city in the U.S., only behind Milwaukee. In his last chat, someone wrote in ripping Pittsburgh girls, and he also defended them saying something to the effect of they are underrated.

Secondly, if you have ever been to a game at Tropicana Field, you would know where he is coming from. The place is a joke.

Yes, the leg hair pic was disgusting, i wanted to vomit.

Andrew in DC

Pat said...

Yeah, I know he has been kinder to Pittsburgh in recent years. I can remember way back him saying some unkind things in his earlier columns, but you're right.

Still, way to go stomp on some harmless team and their fans. If it was a sport with a salary cap, I might understand. But if the Devil Rays arent going to/cant put any money into the team, then why should fans be required to follow them avidly. It's not like Tampa Bay fans are intrinsically moronic. They just don't have exposure to a team that has any chance whatsoever of being successful. I thought Simmons should have mentioned this more.