Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pirates on Yahoo...again

First, I want to apologize for the technical issues we've been having this morning. No idea what's going on, but all 1 gazillion blogs on blogger were affected in some way. Hopefully the problems are over.

Anyway, a reader was on Yahoo the other day and checked out the top searches again. Take a look at #3.

This is not nearly as freaky as seeing Tom Gorzelanny at #6, but still unsettling. I've been running theories through my head (yes, this is the type of important things bloggers theorize about), and could only figure it had to do with geographic location. I checked out the Yahoo help page and there were actually a bunch of message board posts about random Top 10s. No one had a legit answer. If we have a reader from a few states away from PA, does this show up in your top searches too?

-In other news, Bettis has released his autobiography "The Bus. My Life in and Out of a Helmet". I recommend you read the Post-Gazette's article detailing some of the more controversial aspects of the book. A lot of things bugged me about this, but the one that stuck out for me was his complaint against Steeler fans for booing him when he scored a TD after replacing Duce Staley at the goal line during a game in 2004. I was not there and could not remember the instance, but I bet I know why there were boos. Jerome scored 13 TDs in '04. Staley scored 1, even though he usually had over 20 carries a game. He was routinely taken out for Bettis at the goal line. If I had to wager, I would bet the boos were more directed at Cowher for not giving Staley a chance to get some much deserved glory. Bettis has always wanted post-football attention, but this book is really the first time he's appeared whiny and, in my mind, truly sold out.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in Florida and sure enough, the Pirates are at #3 on my Yahoo Top Searches.

Sam said...

Thanks for letting us know. The mystery continues.

tecmo said...

Bigger question...Ricky Rudd at #1?

Sean said...

You would think that people might be searching about Hurricane Dean and Michael Vick.

Who are Vanessa Hudgens and Kimberly Elise?

Anonymous said...

I must be in the minority, because I'm not incensed in the least over the Bettis book. I love the Bus, but it's not like I have him on a Christ-like pedestal like many people evidently do.

It seems pretty tacky for him to be airing his dirty laundry in the interest of getting attention and making a buck, but I don't feel betrayed, disillusioned, or hurt by it.

It sounds like he's way off base on some of his theories in the book, but I don't doubt that those were his honest feelings on the issues. I don't think he made stuff up just to be controversial.

I would have had a problem if the book in any way undermined the current Steelers, but it doesn't sound like that's the case. Bettis, Cowher, Kordell, Hoak, etc., are all history.

Sam said...

I think Bettis' book still insults the organization. And you're right, Wieters, I don't think he made anything up. I wonder if he ever brought these opinions up with the people he is accusing, though. I don't think I put Bettis on much of a pedestal, I just didn't think he would act this cowardly and essentially accuse and insult old teammates and coaches to make money.

If he was already on bad terms with those people then it does not seem like a stretch he would do this, but if he ruined relationships just to make money then I think it does speak to his character.

Max Perilstein said...

Bettis' claim that he "faked" an injury is already starting to come under scrutiny, since how did actually pass the physical to even start camp? Its sad really, I think he knows that books like this need juicy items to sell... but I am curious, it seems like the PG piece had all the controversial stuff from the book, meaning its probably boring the rest of the way.

That Yahoo ranking is bizarre.. Vanessa Hudgens makes sense, she's in High School Musical and every kid from 8 to 14 has seen that... but Kimberly Elise I think was last seen in Beverly Hills 90210...

Keep up the good work guys- great site.

Anonymous said...

I am in LA and saw this as well. Freakin' weird. Something is going on here. No one cares about the buccos that much.