Saturday, August 4, 2007

Oh God...Please...NOOOOOO!

I got tied up yesterday doing other things, but my article was going to be about how tennis and hockey (my two favorite sports) had remained conveniently removed from the whole "oh-look-how-bad-the-sports-world-is" phenomenon going on right now.

Good thing I didnt write that article.

Tennis has long suffered for shady defaults and retirements, but, to be honest, I always attributed that to the fact that many tennis players are softies. And that still may be the case. But when I saw an AP headline in the paper today that associated "Davydenko" with "betting scandal", I spilled my coffee on myself. Only a few days ago Jon Wertheim wrote that tennis deserved applause for keeping its game clean, and I agreed whole-heartedly. Now? Eh, might want to hold that applause.

If a news story breaks later today that says Crosby is on roids, I am leavin the country.

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