Thursday, August 16, 2007

Link/Items That For Some Reason the 'Stache Finds His Way Into

- Ken Wisenhunt was on PTI today. He was very gracious when speaking about the Steelers. Kornheiser asked "Don't you feel a little hurt that they didn't hire you?" and Wiz responded with something like "They have hired two coaches in god knows how many years, they know what they are doing". He also said something to the effect of being happy just to get one win this year. It was a joke. I guess. Thank goodness we hired Tomlin.

- I am a frequent defender of SI. But Frank DeFord might be losing it. What a strange column.

- We have been known to do a few of these things.

- DoubtAboutIt had a team viewing of the infamous movie, Against the Odds. The Stache has suggested that a few more lines be added to the list I made, most notably: "But late in the first period, Phil Borque had seen enough". The line is in reference to Belfour stoning the Pens until Phil Borque scored. For whatever reason, The Stache fell in love with this line immediately.

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- Ron Cook says Santonio should start. Clearly the 'stache has followers.

- Since I am onto this random trend of mentioning the 'Stache, it should be noted that he loves Joe Namath. Well, mostly just when Joe Namath gets drunk and does stupid things. Via TheBigLead, it looks like the apple doesnt fall too far from the tree.

- Courtesy of ThePensBlog, I give you John Fedko...doing John Fedko things...while dealing with prank calls...about Gary Roberts.

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