Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Money Talks

Matt Morris for $10 million dollars a year may seem like a lot, but in the end this is just what the Pittsburgh Pirates needed.

Yes, Dave Littlefield might be making a last ditch effort to save his job, but I doubt it will be a move that will negatively affect this team. Every Pirate fan, eyepatch or not, can clearly see that this season is over. No playoffs--no .500.

What most Pirates fans tend to forget is that this team was suppose to be making positive strides. Now having lost 14 of 17 since the All-Star break the Pirates have found themselves right where they were last year.

The lack of a true veteran presence or a coach for that matter, has quietly led the Pirates to the bottom of the NL Central.

Night in and night out, I feel as though I'm watching someone take candy from a baby -- only the baby never cries out.

What Matt Morris and his $10 million dollar salary will bring to this team is a new voice. Not only someone to speak his mind, but to lead by example.

Matt Morris is the new Pirates leader. He'll instantly double what Jack Wilson, Jason Bay, or Adam Laroche is making in salary while also becoming a go-to voice for the local media.

Morris is obviously no slouch when it comes to emotion, as he leaves San Francisco having ripped on his team, and the defense that played behind him. Morris believed the team was content with losing....hmmm. Surprisingly enough he believes things will be different in Pittsburgh, as he looks forward playing in front of a young defense.

"It's exciting, a new opportunity. It will be nice to get some better defense, with the young guys there going all out."

That's if you can worthless piece of s**t.

You would hope that by the time Morris makes his first start for the Pirates, many of his Pirate teamates will have read the sentiments he shared about his old team.

Coming from a team thats media coverage was all Barry Bonds, the words of Matt Morris meant very little in San Francisco. In Pittsburgh, Morris will be the man. Local media will swarm, questioning his $10 million salary and the 20% of total payroll that it makes up.

Under these circumstances Morris will shine. After acclimating himself in the Pirates clubhouse Morris will realize he has every right to speak up. His words will replace anything that ever came out of the mouth of Jack Wilson while making up for any loss of words from the likes of Mr. Motivational Speaker himself, Jason Bay.

Morris is the kind of pitcher who has seen success in this league and it's certain with the change of scenery, where he'll be called on to lead, that we will see him back it up every fifth day.

Money talks in more ways than one, particurally in baseball. $10 Million dollars a year just bought the Pirates a go-to pitcher, leader, mentor, and most importantly a fresh new veteran voice as the Pirates build for the 2008 season.

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