Sunday, August 12, 2007

Make it a Double, Jeff

Reed, Kusnerik, and Kemoeatu

Saturday night was supposed to be just another night of Steelers pre-season football. And in many ways it was. There was a Doubt About It tailgate, followed by some of us going to the game and some of us going to a nearby bar. There was low quality NFL football, an abundance of the visiting teams fans, and lots of men who brought their wives to the game in an effort to appease them for the ensuing disappearing act they would be putting on every Sunday until February.

Oh, and there was Jeff Reed playing bartender for his teammates, Trenni Kusnerik, Jeff's mother, and a few fortunate patrons (us, among others). Intrigued? Thought so.

At a certain local watering hole after the game, things were hopping. Being a Saturday night, fans were more focused on partying than the football. However, we didnt expect the same to be true for the players.

Before I delve into this, let us just say this: these guys were awesome. You couldn't ask to be around a cooler group of guys that enjoyed being with each other and with their fans. Nothing was inappropriate (girls were throwing themselves at Reed, so it wasnt his fault), the players treated the fans well, and the fans treated the players well. Just a great night to be hanging out.

Things started off with Hines Ward arriving soon after the game. I would love to tell many Hines Ward related stories from the night (good lord I would love to, you have no idea) but I will respect his privacy. Every girl we talked to that was in his VIP section told us that he was incredibly nice. Deshea made an appearance, Kiesel was there we think, as were many others. Even Mike Logan was there (huh?). But there are two men we would like to focus on.

Chris Kemoeatu is just awesome, folks. He playfully danced with Jeff Reed's mom most of the night (we'll get to that in a moment) and even got some DAI writers free shots of Patron. Well actually, he got us two shots of Patron, lost track of where we were, shrugged his shoulders, and drained them. Never the less, he is a large, large man and very fun to hang out with.

Then there is Mr. Reed, a man who's exploits have been documented by virtually every blog in existence. I dont really know how to put it, but Jeff Reed is a man you need to experience in person. For a rather short, stalky, barely-over-a-mil-a-year-earning kicker, the dude carries himself like he is larger than life. And after seeing him in person, he is. His family was there we believe, or atleast his mom from what we could hear him say. This did not deter him from 1) bartending 2) "embracing" almost every girl in the bar 3) pounding the rock with us mutliple times 4) agreeing with us that he could kick 50 FGs this year if he wanted to.

Oh, and he was wearing a cut off T-shirt, shorts, a hat, and cross trainers. And he was having the best time there by far. What a baller.

It should also be noted that Trenni Kusnerik from FSN Pittsburgh was there. She was very nice to us, and certainly seemed to be good friends with Jeff Reed. With everyone, actually. This is a girl that has been out with the Steelers before.

The whole scene was quite surreal: Kemoeatu dancing around, Jeff Reed tossing around beers, Deshea walking around to greet people, Hines Ward lounging around with some friends...we could have stayed forever. Trust us when we tell you that if you are rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers, you are rooting for a great group of guys.

We don't bring digital cameras when we head out, so thanks to the person who sent these in.

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tecmo said...

Cool shit. I met Jeff Reed once at C Harper Autoplex in Belle Vernon. His calfs are huge. And he seems to think he's the shit.

Jay said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but the second pic looks as if Jeff is sharing a moment with one girl while checking out another girl behind the bar. It is blurry, so its kinda hard to tell, but its Jeff Reed, so one can make an educated guess.

Anonymous said...

those photos are great

Unknown said...

Love the Reed photos. His eyes are definitely wandering in the first one. What exactly do you call his current haircut? It isnt really a mullet. Maybe it is just "the reed".

Anonymous said...

At least he didn't take a picture of his dong on his cell phone.

Anonymous said...

I wanna here about the darker sides of these guys...everyone has it and though we all love them its always funny to hear about the ass grabbing and the obvious age difference between players and women they seek.

Anonymous said...

I met Jeff the other year at a United Way fundraiser at the Hard Rock Cafe at Station Square. He was nice as could be, and was especially kind to my 18 month old daughter (who screamed bloody murder when we had him hold her for a photo.) He grew up with a guy I used to work with in New York, who also sings his praises.

Anonymous said...

Funny..I thought media was looked down upon and pretty much restricted from hanging out with the sports teams. I was told it was "unethical." Hmmm, Trenni.

Anonymous said...

Funny.. i have been around these men numerous times and have never seen them be anything but drunken fools, dont let this story fool you. You can see most of them 5 nights a week at any bar in Pittsburgh trying to get bitches drunk so they can take them home, haaa.