Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lets Talk Vick... Lets Talk Bettis

I am never one to stick around for any halftime show, but when you have Keith Olbermann making his return to sports, a Michael Vick dogfighting piece, and Jerome Bettis responding to his controversial book, I parked my ass on the couch.

It also didn't hurt when Al Michaels mentioned that Bettis was trying to cop out of the halftime show with a sore throat. Was that a joke?

When Bettis didn't show up on screen for the shows first segment, I began to second guess our legendary 'Bus'. Was he scared to back up the words in his book?

Luckily Bettis showed up for his segment; featuring a question from Bob Costas, Cris Collingsworth, and a very gray-headed Olbermann.

After watching Bettis face his questions like a man, I couldn't help but feel as though the stories between Vick and Bettis were being inadvertently linked.

Olbermann brought up a very good point when talking about Vick, and that he couldn't 'Pete Rose' his confessions. When it came to addressing the nation, and his many fans, Vick would need to fully admit his guilt.

Now my beef....

Following a very quick commercial break, Costas opened up the questioning of Bettis with "So you lied about when you got injured...explain"

Nice one Costas and thank you NBC... you're own co-worker mans up and talks about his book on live TV in front of his biggest fans, and you're going to talk about him in the same breath as Michael Vick and Pete Rose.

NBC made Bettis look bad on Sunday night. Bettis lied about his injury, and for good reason. Many of us would have done the same. You only hope the NFL sees Bettis's story and thinks about changing the injury specifications under contracts that aren't guaranteed.

Maybe I'm crazy, and maybe I saw it differently than most, but I saw NBC link a very honest Jerome Bettis with a liar in Pete Rose and a chump of a man in Michael Vick.

Oh ya, and Keith...this is NFL Football on NBC, not MSNBC.

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Max Perilstein said...

I still would love to know how Bettis passed the physical to get into camp?

Are the Steeler doctors inept? How do you hide a pre-existing injury during a physical?

Bottom line- I think he was healthy enough to pass the physical for camp. But realized that with the knee injury fresh from the year before, he could indeed go back to that "saying his knee hurt" early in camp. I'd love to see what archives the PG or TRIB have on this, because it just seems fishy.

Plus he did waffle on the question about Cowher vs Kordell.

Vern said...

I was taken aback when I heard Olbermann get on his high horse and seemingly give the view of the entire network on the Vick thing. Most football fans have no idea of his status in the reporting/commentating world, but NBC felt it appropriate to put him on a pedestal.

And I agree with the Bettis stuff. I felt all along that he wasn't jabbing at the organization as much as telling stories and sharing his insights. After hearing the way he answered all of the questions, I'm more comfortable with my assertion

Sam said...

To me, the entire segment sounded rehearsed. I think Costas and Collingsworth were pretty much told what to ask while Bettis had memorized exactly what his PR person told him to say. The juxtaposition with Vick and Rose made him look bad, but I don't think it was intentional.

If he had the balls to do it, he would go on a local radio show and defend himself against someone who would press him more.