Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Leroux's Links

Doubt About It's random and never scheduled link dump, in honor of Francois Leroux, the greatest fighter and worst skater in Penguins' history. The links may not be that graceful, but they pack a punch.

Slow day in Pittsburgh sports related news. Kuwata was finally cut by the Pirates while Doumit was placed on the DL. Other than that not much going on, so it seems appropriate to do the blogger equivalent of Paulino-esq effort: a link dump.

-My favorite NFL weekly column has returned. Tuesday Morning Quarterback by Gregg Easterbrook. He can delve too far away from actual football occassionally, but the piece is so long that it is easy to skip parts and still find a few gems. This week he broke down the AFC team by team.

-Jim Wexell of the Herald-Standard makes his case for Gary Russell making the team. The need for a short-yardage back is fairly obvious, but I don't mind Carey Davis either.

-Older news, but the Browns decided to determine their starting QB for their first preseason game with a coin toss. It was beween Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson. The best result for Browns fans would have it land on its side. [I Wish I Was a Rooney]

-I tend to agree with the PG's Empty Netters: of all the great Pizza places in Pittsburgh, why would the Penguins choose Pizza Hut to be served in the caves of the Civic Arena? Credit to the Sidney Crosby Show for breaking the story.

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