Monday, August 6, 2007

Four Spades and a Race Card is a Flush (Down the Toilet)

I actually respect Scoop Jackson. I really (sorta) do. He takes virtually every single issue, kneads the racial context out of it, and waves it like one of those cheerleader dudes waves the flag at a college sporting event. Do I disagree with him almost completely most of the time? Yes. Could you construe some of his writing as racist (reverse racism, if you are into the term, which I'm not)? I think you could argue such a point. But the guy sticks to his guns no matter how many people call him a scrawny little moron (paging Jason Whitlock...).

But good God almighty does Scoop miss the point when he argues that by wearing a Barry Bonds jersey at Wrigley, he is effectively raising a middle finger to the game of baseball. You can read the article, but if you read between the lines, the thesis is essentially this: I want to support Barry Bonds not because he has been treated unfairly, but because he has been treated unfairly AND he is black.

The article just looks down right stupid when you look at a piece like the one Wright Thompson currently has up about the intricate racial layers of the Mike Vick controversy. Thompson goes to great lengths to flesh out the details surrounding the case, the city, historical context, the legal system, and the social implications. I highly recommend reading it. Scoop, meanwhile, basically says "This black guy is being treated unfairly, so I got his back".

Hey Scoop - you see me wearing a Mark McGwire jersey around PNC Park because Mark got screwed and he is white like me? Not in this lifetime. I am not going to pretend that I fully appreciate the whole "defiance" mindset that Scoop preaches about in the piece - I have been in the social majority my whole life and don't intend to offend anyone who sees this as a racially motivated post. What this post is, is a suggestion to all young, current, and future writers to evaluate events and people on something more than a defiance that you used to "support O.J. even if we thought he was guilty". Let's just hope they don't call Scoop for jury duty any time soon. More Thompson, less Jackson, please.

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