Thursday, August 30, 2007

PiSoNC's Sleeper: The Falcons

The Doubt About It writers have a long-standing history of gambling/reminding one another of stupid picks from the past/lousy predictions/'stache-bashing. With such traditions in mind, one of the ways they intend to get ready for the NFL season is to pick a "sleeper" team and be held accountable for them all season. A "sleeper" team is defined as any team that a losing or .500 record last season and the writer feels has a chance to make the playoffs. Feel free throughout the NFL season to remind the DAI writers in the comments section about how awful their pick may have turned out.

Pirate in Search of Nutting's Chest's Pick: The Atlanta Falcons

It's not like Michael Vick is Peyton Manning. One year Vick could erupt and lead this team to the playoffs, the next he could bust up a knee, or start adog fighting ring. matter how bad they've lost, Vick has always beenthe face of the Atlanta Falcons, and through time has cast a shadow that hovers over his team like a dark stormcloud.

Vick has always been fun to watch, the highlight reel plays, the "Michael Vick Experience" commercial, just a man out there running around like it's a game of pick-up football. Unfortunately as many of us Steeler fan's know, it's not all about one guy. It is a matter of your whole team.

With the loss of Vick, I choose Atlanta as my 2007 Sleeper team. A team that should be rejuvenated from the loss of great player, and unfortunately a great distraction. The Falcon's defense is above average, built with young athletic freaks like D'Angelo Hall and Jamaal Anderson, but stabilized by veterns like Keith Brookings, Lawyer Milloy, and John Abraham. Abraham who is coming off a season in which he missed 8 games due to injury, will help Anderson make the transition into the NFL. The special teams has always been great, stabilized
by a very underrated Allen Rossum. The offense, well...add in Joey Harrington and you get a guy who might be seeing his last chance as a starting QB. Ex-Steeler Wayne Gandy help protects Harrington's blind-side while newly acquired Joe Horn will do one thing, and one thing only. CATCH THE GOD DAMN FOOTBALL... While Horn isn't anything like he use to be, he'll provide a sure set of hands for a group of receivers that dropped the ball way to much last year.

Following a strong preseason showing against the Bengals on "Monday Night Football", or as some might have thought, "Cops", the Falcons might be brewing a different kind of excitement in Atlanta. Joey Harrington isn't Michael Vick, and that's a good thing. Harrington will help this team win more games in 07'. As the offense expands, the NFL will realize one last time that scrambling QB's can't cut it in the pros.

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