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Comedy Central Report, 8/02

After a long hiatus it returns...

Borrowing from the media’s name for the National League Central, the Comedy Central Report is a daily feature which recaps all the previous day’s games in which a central team played. Keep track of all six teams vying for the most mediocre division title in baseball.

The view of a soon to be dropped ball.

Pirates crush the Cardinals 15-1

Recap: Call me a fair-weather fan or whatever, but I guess I just couldn't keep writing about losing. Bad defense, poor starting pitching, and atrocious hitting can only be summed up so many times. I'd like to think that CCR went away right about the same time that everyone else officially stopped paying attention. This game seems appropriate to bring it back, though. Ronny Paulino, yes the one who may have had the worst defensive inning for a Pirate catcher in a long time last night, rebounded to hit a grand slam in the first inning. The slam set the pace for the Pirates' largest run outburst in 2 years. Not only that, but Tony Armas pitched 6 1/3 innings, giving up 4 hits and 1 ER.

All You Need to Know: So we've had 5 straight posts on the Matt Morris deal. To me, this shows two things: no intrigue at training camp other than how it's been tough, but also that the trade while arguably dumb, made for an interesting debate. Dejan over at the Post-Gazette wrote what I thought to be the definitive argument for the trade. He was playing devil's advocate primarily, but there were some good points. The general and extremely negative overreaction from blogs and media members alike has bothered me to a certain degree. Some will make it sound like Rajai Davis was set to be the next Kenny Lofton. With the exception of the LaRoche deal, there is no doubt that every Pirate' trade is deemed unworthy by pretty much everyone[See: Brian Giles]. And rightfully so considering the track record. Still, you can't let the past decisions overwhelm the actual trade.

Just so everyone knows where I stand, the move was foolhardy, and I'd rather be watching Matt Wieters hit for the Spikes right now. But in the long run, just looking purely at the trade, did this negatively impact the Pirates? What did we lose? One third of our crummy three-headed monster in centerfield is gone. We gained a veteran right handed pitcher, a goal that we had before the season started, who wants to come here and is outspoken against losing. As PiSoNC points out below, he knows how to win, will say something when they don't compete, and will carry a lot more weight in the clubhouse compared to Snell who is dismissed as young and hotheaded by our other so called leaders. As much as I hate to see Littlefield try and make a winner from the top down, at least he's brought in two guys in LaRoche and Morris who can bring a winning attitude into the clubhouse. I swear, that's is the last word you'll hear from me on the whole Matt Morris issue.

Brewers defeat Mets 8-5

Recap: Oliver Perez struggled early but recovered, helping the Mets to send the Brewers into second place in the division. Prince Fielder, who had not hit a homerun since the first game after the break, hit his 30th of the year.

All You Need to Know: With the Pirates just trying to climb out of the cellar, who would you rather have win the Central? I personally am pulling for the Cubs...just something about a small market team succeeding in our division makes me sick.

Cubs Walkoff on Phillies, 5-4

Recap: Matt Murton scored on a wild pitch int he bottom of the 9th, sending the Cubs into first place. Ryan Dempster picked up the win in relief.

All You Need to Know: With Prince Fielder in his clump, Ryan Howard has climbed back into the NL homerun race. He's smacked 10 in the month of July to give him a total of 29, 2 back from Fielder.

Braves pound Astros, 12-3

Recap: Mark Teixera paid immediete dividends for the Braves, hitting a three-run shot in the 6th inning. Why couldn't Adam LaRoche do that?

All You Need To Know: Thank God we're not in the NL East. We'd easily be on pace for 100 losses at this point.

Reds fall to Nationals 7-2

Recap: Bronson Arroyo lasted only 1 2/3 innings, giving up all 7 runs. Austin Kearns continues to haunt his old team, going 2-4 with a 2 un homerun

All You Need to Know: With the loss the Reds moved within striking distance of last place, only a 1/2 game out.

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