Friday, August 10, 2007

Cheating is so NOW

If you have been even relatively aware of what has been going on in the sports world this summer, then you know that things arent exactly peachy. Like dominoes, seemingly each sport has fallen under fire for some type of grievance (you know them all, so I wont list them).

But is an entire page really necessary?

I'm not up in arms over this or anything, but it seems weird that ESPN has an entire page devoted to cheating in sports. I know, I know...piling on ESPN is so NOW. But really, is this an instance of ESPN covering the news or making the news? Obviously there are newsworthy stories on the page, but to lump them all together and then to start speculating on other sports seems a little over the top to me.

Couple that sentiment with the Ombudsman's column this week: ESPN, and specifically Sports Center, should be a news show. This Ombudsman has really done some great work - I would highly recommend checking out her archive. My complaints about the over the top cheating coverage seem to fit in to her plan regarding the complaints concerning Who's Now: tell me the news and let me read between the lines for myself.

If you think about it like other news stations, then ESPN operates in a uniquely one-party world. WIth the nightly news, there are obviously liberal stations, moderate stations, and conservative stations. With ESPN, there is only one show in town, which is probably why we get garbage like Who's Now. End of Post

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