Monday, August 6, 2007

And So it Begins...

First, let me say that I'm guessing this site will give the Steelers' game the same type of treatment we gave to the Matt Morris deal. While I can't speak for the other guys, I would be surprised not to see a post from each writer. Pittsburgh may be the only place in the country where a meaningless game with the best players only playing for a few minutes can dominate the local sports scene. But after watching that game how can you not feel a little bit more optomistic about the season?

So here's what I liked:

-The passing game. Ben's only miss came when Nate Washington let the ball slip through his fingers. Batch and St. Pierre were both efficient when given their chance to play. I love the focus on Cedrick Wilson at the beginning of the game. Throwing him a bone in the preseaon was the perfect way to play it.

Please shutup now (Image: Peter Diana, PG)

-Did you see Roethlisberger and Ward's reaction after the St. Pierre to Holmes fade for the TD? You would have thought they just clinched a playoff spot with how much they were celebrating. As much as the media will tell you the players, such as Ward, have not bought into the Tomlin way, everyone will pull together when they have to. It does make it easier when there is success on the field.

-Tomlin's pregame interview. I do not remember the exact wording, but I'm sure everyone recalls when he said he was just trying to provide for his family. How can any Pittsburgher not like this guy?

What I didn't like:

-Kevan Barlow. 7 carries for 13 yards. I know it's the first preseason game, but the guy came into camp with arguably the most questions. A positive performance would have been nice.

-Jeff Reed. He continues to gain weight every season, most likely from gluttonous comsumption of alcohol. This could add distance to his kicks I suppose, but with something as precise as kicking, where any small change in the kicking motion can be disatrous, a change in body type could trip up things.

-Bryant Gumbel. I don't mind his analysis of the game, however I don't enjoy his voice. He sounds like the announcer from a non-Madden football videogame, some guy they just pulled off the street. When he announced the opening kickoff it sounded nothing like the pseudo-start to the NFL season and more like he was working in tech support, explaining to me how to use a new feature in Microsoft Excel.

Stay tuned for reports from the other writers, who I'm sure will have more actual game and player related impressions for you.

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