Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yeah, but Did Wilt Chamberlain Do It In Two Weeks? (10,000 hits)

This is the first and last time we will do something like this, but we felt a need to address it in some way: this morning Doubt About It got its 10,000th hit. Obviously, clearly, and with no doubt about it (easiest pun I will write all summer), we have been fortunate in so many ways and owe a great deal of thanks to many people. Thanks to all the readers who have visited the site, sent in info/links/comments, and even just e-mailed us to tell us how much they liked our stuff. An enormous thanks goes to the blogging community, specifically the Pittsburgh sports blogging community, for being so damn friendly and willing to trade emails and links - its been really fun getting to know everyone.

The whole idea of starting a blog had been a running inside joke with us for, I dunno, years? Eventually we decided to start it just as a way for a couple of friends to keep in touch with each other and make some jokes. Now two weeks into it we have 10,000 hits. Unreal. Thanks so much to everyone.

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tecmo said...

All kinds of congrats, guys!