Monday, July 2, 2007

Sports Illustrated is Taking Crazy Pills

I am a staunch supporter and reader of Sports Illustrated...the magazine, that is. The website? Aye carumba. After an article by Peter King in which Big Ben was rated the 13th best quarterback in Allegheny county (slight exaggeration), now comes the news that Dan Rooney is the 9th best owner in the NFL.

Hmmm...where should I start?

The article is clearly biased towards owners that spend money, as opposed to, oh geez, I dunno, win? Supposedly, the article gives credence to "one overriding consideration: If you're a fan of the team in question, do you want this person (or people) making the big decisions."

So apparently Michael Silver wants Wayne Huizenga signing Daunte Culpeppers to astronomical amounts of money, Daniel Snyder throwing bills at Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, Antwaan Randle El, et al, and would prefer Bob Mcnair take Mario Williams over Reggie Bush, thank you very much. Boy howdy Michael, you picked some great decision makers for your top eight.

In fact, four of the top eight owners had losing teams last year! Alright, end of post. I could go on for hours about how horrible these rankings are (and I've only seen the top 10), so I will just stop. Feel free to comment.

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omnivore43 said...

Dan Snyder... 2 playoff births since he took over, with only 2 first-round wins to show for it. Thats what I call quality leadership. Has Michael Silevr ever heard the name "Spurrier"?