Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sometimes the Real News is More Funny

Two Post-Gazette links in 10 minutes? I guess today is just one of those days where the real news is funnier than anything we can come up with. Salomon Torres feels tricked. The Pirates apparently low-balled him (he didnt use an agent) and said that he'd been promised the Pirates would rent out his baseball facilities in the Dominican Republic (there was nothing put into writing).

Guess what, Salomon? I feel tricked. We feel tricked. Jim tracy probably feels tricked. You are making $2.7 million this year and $3.2 million after that. YOU feel tricked? You feel you have given everything you can to the city of Pittsburgh? If by "everything" you mean dopey smiles after giving up hits in the 9th, then yes, you have given everything.

Salomon Torres feels the Pirates tricked him. I dont think there is really any other punchline necessary.

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Sean said...

Even though you're right in that Torres was his own agent and didn't have anything in writing about his baseball facilities in the Dominican Republic, I do feel bad for him. While $2.7 million is an incredible salary, he is worth much more compared to other players, especially based on last year's numbers where he led the league with 94 appearances while going 3-6 with a 3.28 ERA and 12 saves.

As a comparison, Danys Baez had 57 appearances and went 5-6 with 9 saves and a 4.53 ERA with Atlanta & LA in 2006. During the off-season, he signed as a free agent with Baltimore to make $5.66 million this season! His current stats: 0-4 with 0 saves and a 6.52 ERA.