Monday, July 2, 2007

Pirates' Hall of Shame - RESULTS

This is it. The moment the entire city of Pittsburgh has been waiting for. It's time to reveal the worst Pirates' players at each position over the past 15 years. The decisions were difficult, and I know a number of you had trouble sleeping, trying to decide between all those pathetic outfielders. But we appreciate the time everyone took to fill out the ballot and send these Pirates into the only type of hall they should ever be inducted. Over 900 people voted...their choices are after the jump...

At Firstbase: Randall Simon (294)
Next Closest: Kevin Young (289)

-In the tightest race since the Global M&M Color Vote, and just as vitally important, Randall Simon came back and edged out Kevin Young for the dubious honor of playing first base for the all-shame team. Interesting to note is that LaRoche only received 43 votes, putting him squarley in the middle of the pack, suggesting the fans are willing to give him some more time before calling him a bust.

At Secondbase: Warren Morris (225)
Next Closest: Bobby Hill (205)

-Bobby made a small surge, making up 13 votes only to fall short in the end. Morris probably drew the most fans' ire due to the the great potential he showed in 1999, and then subsequent failure to live up to those expectations. If Bobby was acquired for, let's say, Mark Redman instead of Aramis Ramirez I doubt he would be up this high. Valid reasoning as far as I'm concerned.

At Shortstop: Pat Meares (468)
Next Closest: Mike Benjamin (123)

I could not find a picture of Meares when he was on the Buccos..almost like he never really played...

-In what was decided awhile ago, Pat Meares may be the most hated shortstop in Pirates' history. The huge contract, the sunbathing, the injury, and the sausage racing all combined to make Pat Meares a first-team hall of shamer. But was he the most hated in the past 15 years? We'll find out.

At Thirdbase: Joe Randa (266)
Next Closest: Chris Stynes (251)

-This is the only choice where I honestly disagree with the fans. Randa batted .302 in '97 and a respectable .267 last year. Stynes batted a pathetic Paulino-like .216 in his one year with the team. When you've been subjected to 15 seasons of this, though, who am I to berate you for your choices? But if you were one of those who voted for Randa, please feel free to write in or leave a comment to tell me what about Joe Randa, other than that creepy smirk, made you vote for him.

At Catcher: Benito Santiago (292)
Next Closest: Humberto Cota (172)

-In my opiion, Benito was the mini-Meares of the ballot. Multi-million dollar signing (2.15 million) barely plays due to injury. Not nearly on the same level as Meares, but a similar yet smaller effect on the fanbase. I've long despised Cota and was delighted to see him high on the list.

In the Outfield: Derek Bell (476), Raul Mondesi(375), and Jeromy Burnitz (248)
Next Closest: Chad Hermansen(239), Armando Rios(121), and Tike Redman(107).

-Where to even begin. First off, Beer-nutz with the comeback! I was elated to see that there was a huge push at the end for my least favorite outfielder. You can say I have a short memory, and that Hermansen destroyed a lot more hope in the organization by not panning out, but I guess I have a bias toward those 1-year signings. Another interesting note is that Jason Bay received a relatively high 21 votes, an increase of 13 since the update where he only had 8 votes. It appears this recent slump he's in combined with his often streaky play has him in the doghouse of at least a few people. Or one fan. I just checked, and a voter picked Jason Bay for all three outfield positions. I love it.

Most importantly, and unsurprisingly, Derek Bell has taken home the MHP(Most Hated Player) beating out Pat Meares 476 to 468. This was a lot closer than I imagined, but the sheer amount of outfielders probably took away from Bell's voting power.

Manager: Lloyd McClendon (145) GM: Cam Bonifay (207) Owner: B. Nutting (235)
Next Closest: Jim Tracy (131) Dave Littlefield(154) Kevin McClatchy(203)

-As much as people may not like Skipper Tracy, they still seem to prefer him over Lloyd. We'll see how much longer that lasts. Not surprisingly, Bonifay won the GM Battle. When you sign the two most hated players, you're usually not well liked yourself. And it hasn't taken long for Nutting to replace McClatchy as the center of fans' anger.

Anyway, here are some interesting statistics from the vote:
-Combined Salary of the All-Shames(highest yearly salary each player received with the Pirates was used): $23,865,000
-Warren Morris was the only one to make under a million with a salary of $300,000. Burnitz was the highest priced player at $6 million.
-Andy Van Slyke received the fewest votes at 2
-When the team was assembled on World Series Baseball 2k1 for Dreamcast the team went a respectable 83-79, with the starting pitching the major issue. This is apparently the tool the Pirates' GMs have used to assemble their teams and predict future results.

Thanks again to everyone that voted. We really have had some pathetic and anger inducing players in these 15 years. Surprisingly, I feel like this team would perfrom decently if they were all taken from certain times in their careers. Which is why you can really only point at the management for their choice in signing players on the decline. More updates will be coming on this in a bit as we get feedback or see other interesting stats or trends...please let us know how you feel about the results or if you would like to see more of these type of features in the future.

Full results are below

Click here to see the original post and ballot

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SeanCollier said...

I would speculate that the Randa win was due to short memories - only looking at his mighty flop in 06 and not at his relative competence in the 90's.

I cannot, for the life of me, contemplate voting for Lloyd over Tracy. While Lloyd presided over more losing seasons, he at least, you know, cared. Tracy seems content with mediocrity and always looks at the wrong things when filling out the lineup sheet. There will never be a winning Pirates team under Jim Tracy.

Pat said...

Agree on the Lloyd thing. I dont think I am being short-sighted when I say that tracy is more painful. I am glad peolpe picked Bonifay over Littlefield. Littlefield deserves criticism, but he did not sink the hopes of the franchise for years by doling out huge, stupid contracts.

Sam said...

I was somewhat surprised about the manager vote as well. Gene Lamont recieved a little over 50 votes. I consider Lamont and Tracy to be similar managers in terms of their demeanor... I wonder how many of those 54 people would have voted for Tracy if Lamont wasn't on the list.

apk said...

Warren Morris really deserved better than that. Kid had a ROY caliber season, then flamed out. This pales in comparison to the 50+ years I spent watching Chuck Nunez flail about helplessly at the plate in important Close and Late ABs with runners in scoring position. I hate Chuck Nunez.

Oh, and Amanda Rios and Brant Brown sucked balls, too.

Hon Don Gerard said...

Yeesh. A lot of those guys have worn Cubbie pinstripes.

Matty Boy said...

wait, wait...jose lind wasn't even on the ballot? holy schnikes. a good fielder, but would have been a terrible offensive player if he'd hit 1992 he hit .235 with no walks, no power, and no speed.

i'd take warren morris in a least he had one okay season, a less okay season, and a lousy half-season.

Sam said...

Jose Lind was on the '92 squad as you pointed out. The vote was just for the teams from 1993-2007, or basically anyone who has been a part of the Pirates during their 15 season(counting this one) of under .500 ball. You're right, though, Lind blew.

Matty Boy said...

sorry sam, my bad - didn't look closely enough at the post. liked what i saw, though - my compliments on the site.

Kyle said...

Don't talk too loudly about Derek Bell or he'll go into Operation Shut Down again.

Unknown said...

Joe Randa is my alltime favorite KC Royal. How can anyone hate the Joker?

Flax said...

But Warren Morris hit a walkoff home run to win a College World Series! How bad could he be????

Thanks for taking Bobby Hill off our hands, by the way.

Sam said...

I'm glad you enjoy the site're not the first person to suggest Lind or some other '92 Pirate, so I think it was my fault in not making the time period clear enough. Thanks again for visiting.

Vince said...

I spit on your Jimmy Anderson-less list

Stephen said...

This list may be picked up by the Pirates marketing team. They will juxtapose it against the current roster, and use the slogan:

2007 Pirates: It Could Be Worse

Also, am I the only one who actually LIKED Lloyd McClendon. As others have pointed out, he did give a damn. But also, every time I hear Tracy open his arrogant mouth, I long for the days of the postgame McClendon press conference that went something like this:

"the young man was outstanding"

Not to mention, he was the author of the most important stolen base in franchise history.

In all seriousness though, it's been shown that managers have very little effect over their teams success or failures, as baseball is very much about common sense and players execution and not a coaches decision-making like other sports. What coach would have done markedly better than Sugar Bear with the same roster?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I am often perplexed by the McClendon hate.

Sure, nobody will be mistaking him for Tony Larussa, but in every year under Lloyd the Pirates made improvement.

Sure, no winning records, but given the "talent" Lloyd had at his disposal, improving every year isn't that bad. It's more than we can say for Tracy!!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Ok I just went and checked and they didn't improve every year, so I take that back.

But they still did better than they did under Tracy.

Animal said...

Some very interesting choices there. Some of those guys had some really good years...Randa in his first stint and Morris, just to name a couple.

I was a Mac supporter. I think the guy got a bum rap here. His teams always played hard and would go to war for him. It was not his fault that he didn't have any talent around him.

Rook said...

Randa?! Did anybody who voted ever see him play in 1997? He was the argubaly the Pirates best player that year which was the one year we actually had a semi-competent team. He also played well and was a fan favorite at our sister 3rd world team in poverty the Royals after he left Pgh. Its not Randa's fault that the Littlefield and the Nuttings signed his rotten stinking corpse to a contract instead of the actual player almost 10 years ago.

Lloyd was given too much stick as manager. At least the players played hard for him and he actually cared about if the team won or not. And let's face it, until Nutting is out of the equation [which isn't happening soon fellas he's making millions pocketing the revenue sharing money], Stephen fu(*&ng Hawking couldn't devise a formula to get this team to .500. I'll take Lloyd any day of the week over Jim "I'm just wayyy too overqualified to manage this team" Tracy.

Anonymous said...

lloyd had less talent on his team, and got more out of it.

Tracy has some legit players on his team franchises can build around. Grant it we are still like 6 solid players short, but he has guys like Bay, Snell, Gorzellany, Capps, Nady, Laroche, Sanchez, possibly Doumit and Maholm who is starting to grow on me.

Lloyd had a bunch of 30 something people who would barely make AAA rosters, or only made MLB clubs because they were good enough defensive replacements..