Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Obligatory Morning Post

Some interesting things going on in the Pittsburgh sports world today, none of which truly generate buzz for a full length article, so I'll try and tackle a few things at once.

::Jack Wilson, the leader of this decrepit Pirates' team, looks like he may be reunited with Lloyd McClendon. The Tigers' coaching staff contains the Pirates' three managers before Tracy (minus Mackanin) and their last outfielder who had talent and an inkling of desire to win. The Jack Wilson trade, if it comes to fruition, will be the beginning of the second stage in Detroits' plan to steal the identity of the Pirates. Why, you ask? While the Pirates are equivalent to the moldy grime growing in your shower in the eyes of baseball people everywhere, I suspect Bob Nutting is looked upon as a progressive mind by owners. While he spends little money he still manages to line his pockets. Just don't be surprised if you see Kevin Young pop up in a Detroit uniform sooner rather than later.

::It appears that Willie Reid and Santonio Holmes will be vying for the job of punt returner. It's a great problem to have, considering Holmes finished 9th in punt return average last year while Reid is said to have the more natural ability for the position. No matter what, at least we won't be seeing Najeh Davenport rumble straight ahead to the 24 yard line on kick returns anymore.

::From the Tribune-Review, Penn State has been "shutout" of the preseason Big Ten Poll, which gives selections on who will finish in the top 3. The order: Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio State. Not surprising, but I wouldn't have been shocked to see them third, either. Mike Hart was tabbed preseason offensive player of the year, while James Laurinaitis took home the defensive honors. Is there anything more inane then picking individual players, especially in college, to preseason All-American or All-Conference teams? Isn't pretty much everything based upon the previous year? You pick all the returning players who won, or came closest to winning, postseason awards from the year before and you have your list.

::In much older news, but in the same vein, Pitt was selected to finish 6th in the Big East, just ahead of UConn and Syracuse. I think Pitt will surprise people this year. Since I mentioned Pitt and Penn State in the same article, however, I feel obligated to let those who care know that I support the 3 for 2 deal. Pitt has a lot more to gain in both attendance and general support, that can't be argued. Penn State would be a huge boost. Pitt just needs to give a little bit to get something back. I would even support a winner getting homefield advantage until taken from them policy.

It will return...one day

End of Post

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