Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Night at Shea

I realize that no one really cares about the Pirates anymore. But since Ian Snell is now trademarking post-game explosions (gee, he really seems to be angry when he pitches games and loses, but doesnt say much after any other loss) and I happened to be in attendance at Shea last night, I thought I would share a few notes from the live action.

- All you really need to know about the game: John Maine (the Mets pitcher) hit a two run jack and got a standing ovation. I laughed through the whole thing out of disbelief.

-Shea is a dump. I say this not as a desperate Pirates fan (ya, ok, our team sucks...but our ballpark is better than yours!) but as a rational human being. I think the only way I can describe the feel of the stadium is that it is an old stadium without the nostalgic feel. Most older stadiums (Fewnway, Yankee, Old Comiskey when I was there) are obviously old and lacking newer facilities, but they smell and feel and look like they have seen great baseball. Shea just looks like it once saw a flying saucer float by in Men in Black.

- I've been meaning to say this for a long time, and I know he's changed his ways since, but: the 7 train to Shea is nowhere near anything described by John Rocker, in my own limited opinion.

- When I attended the Pirates-Yankees game on June 10th, Kuwata came in and immediately gave up a homer to A-Rod. Last night, Kuwata came in and immediately gave up a homer to Lastings Milledge. There are only two explanations: 1) I am bad luck for Kuwata, or 2) Kuwata sucks. I think everyone knows what the answer is.

- I would love to see how Jason Bay would perform on a team where he didnt have to be the alpha dog. He straight up yoked two homers last night and I just couldnt help but feel for the guy - good baseball player, not great, but he's always expected to play like a great one.

- Ian Snell got absolutely rocked. The score could have been worse. The Mets were scorching balls intot he outfield.

- Jose Reyes has his own Jumbotron segment where he tries to teach Spanish to Mets fans. It's funny because they pick old white people who can't pronounce the words. It's even funnier because a remarkable portion of the fan base speaks Spanish is laughs at the white people on the screen.

- Nady, Doumit, Kata,, how did those guys ever manage to lose to Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Delgado, and Lo Duca?

-I had seats a few rows back from third base, so I really got to watch some guys up close. The Mets are loaded with stars, but I was absolutely stunned by one guy: Jose Reyes. David Wright and Delgado dont wow you consistently, Beltran seems to have slipped since his historic playoff homerun barrage with the Astros, but good lord, Jose Reyes is just unbelievable to watch. I could watch him run from home to first all day long. He charges balls so hard and fast that is eems impossible he will be able to scoop and throw in one motion, yet he does every time. He charged so hard on one ground ball that after he threw it he literally ran all the awy through the first base line. If you get the chance, go see Jose Reyes play. He's the real deal.

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