Friday, July 20, 2007

NBA haters rejoice

First of all, I apologize for the lack of posting from the New York branch of DoubtAboutIt. That pesky little steam burst has made the end of my week an interesting one, to say ther least.

Although, it has given me time to flip through the New York Post, which is reporting (or fabricating, it is the Post) that an NBA referee has been fixing games. And for the mob, no less. Um, wow. That is nothing small, cats and kittens, particularly since NBA referees have probably been the most villified whistle-blowers in all of sports. This will likely be the last we write about it since a certain acitivity that rhymes with "raining cramps" commences Monday, but just wanted to bring it to everyone's attention.

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Seth said...

Oh cousin Pat, how this issue has awaken the summer sports slummer within me.

My personal sports-writing jesus, Bill Simmons, pointed out that Donaghy worked Game 3 between the Suns and Spurts this year in which Donaghy's horrible calls agains the Suns cost them the game. Now this was before the Amare suspension totally ripped off the Suns but now actual f acts that a ref was throwing no-touch fouls to slow down and ruin the game for one team have come to light. I think it's a big big deal and while most of the world dismisses the NBA as a thug sport I am heartbroken. If you see David Stern while you fnish your time in NYC you should give him a big sloppy Don Corleone kiss.

Pat said...

David Stern certainly has some thinking to do. In a "think long term" sort of way, I think this will be good for the league. It is forcing them to change, and change is what they need. I've been hearing that Donaghy is going to name other names though, which...geez, I cant even imagine. One thing is for sure - next year is going to be an interesting year for the NBA.