Friday, July 27, 2007

Maybe I can get a Phd in Crappy College Football Viewing

In today's Post-Gazette, Smizik had an article about Pitt ticket sales that brought this to my attention: Pitt plays, at home, Eastern Michigan, Grambling, Connecticut, Navy, Cincinnati, Syracuse and South Florida. What a joke. This is probably the NFL-equivalent of the Steelers having five home games against the Browns.

Shortly after this realization, I was perusing James Howell's lauded football rankings and noted a striking similarity in the bottom three teams: they are all on Penn State's schedule this year. Buffalo, Florida International, and Temple all play PSU this year, in what will surely be legendary bouts that make their way instantly onto ESPN Classic.

And just for good measure, Ohio State plays three good teams all year. Nice try, but substituting Washington for Texas doesn't exactly reaffirm your manliness.

Was this post fueled by a desire to piss off DAI's other writers and by a general lack of appreciation for college football? Yup. Nevertheless, not exactly an intriguing schedule for college football in the area, outside of the old stand-by rivalries.
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tecmo said...

At least Pitt and Penn State still play...whoops!

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

Penn State and Ohio State are in the Big need to face Goliath in our out-of-conference schedule. Anyways, this shit is often times planned years in advance, there it no way of knowing who will be good. We scheduled Miami years ago when they were a consistent top 5 team, now who knows what they'll do.