Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Leroux's Links

In honor of Francois Leroux, the greatest fighter and worst skater in Penguins' history, Doubt About It presents Leroux's Links. The links may not be that graceful, but they pack a punch.

So I thought about doing another one of those Retro Reports, this time from the 1927 team that was eventually destroyed by the Yankees in the World Series, but I thought that my own knowledge of the time period, minus reading The Great Gatsby, was rather limited. Plus who wants to hear jokes about speakeasies? On to the links...

::Apparently Albert Pujols is pissed at his own manager, Tony LaRussa, for not playing him in the All-Star Game. Looks like the conspiracy theories regarding Jason Bay not getting any playing time 2 years ago are shot. Since I do not have much affection for the Cardinals, I find it pleasing that LaRussa has been on bad terms with 2 of his players, Scott Rolen being the other, who are arguably the two most recognized players on the team. Throw in Jim Edmonds being a prick and one third of your lineup are guys I wouldn't want to have to see every day if I was LaRussa. As a side note, though, I agree with LaRussa's decision to not play Pujols to have another player in case it went to extra innings. Then again, you might just want him in there with the bases loaded in the 9th inning down by a run.

::In the area of inane Sports Illustrated lists comes the Top 25 WRs as chosen by Bucky Brooks. Guess who is down at #23? You got it, Hines Ward. I understand that Hines is not the best in the league, and surely not the most "talented", but in terms of guys who play their positions the best while putting up decent stats he is right up there with the best. Out of all those receivers on the list there aren't too many who will have an effect on as many offensive plays in the game in a positive way. What did Brooks use as criteria for determining these rankings? "...route running, hands, run-after-catch ability, blocking and overall impact on the game. " I'm not sure why I even pay attention to these things.

::In conjunction with Pat's must-read article below, PSaMP has posted the highlights of Lance Jeter's epic 2005 WPIAL AA Title game. It is a must watch if you have not seen it yet.

::I'm rather late on this, but sign the petition to get statues of the original Steel Curtain placed outside of Heinz Field. The idea was thought of by Dave Dameshek, whose show "The Sports Contraption" has sadly ended after a short tenure on 93.7 The Zone. We enjoyed your show Dave and wish you the best of luck.

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tecmo said...

I get chills everytime Jeets makes both of those shots. I'll admit it

The Taxidermist said...

Hmm, after looking at the top 25 WR, you have to ask yourself, how does Calvin Johnson even make the list? Sure, I'm positive he'll be great but he has not PROVEN anything yet. What a stupid list.