Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Leroux's Links

In honor of Francois Leroux, the greatest fighter and worst skater in Penguins' history, Doubt About It presents Leroux's Links. The links may not be that graceful, but they pack a punch.

From You Been Blinded, a commercial featuring Jerome Bettis clogging his arteries while giving advice to Jim Furyk. Jerome has gone from commercials about a training regimen that involved rolling down mountains to eating Jim Furyk's eggs. Sadly, I think it will be the eggs that do him in.

ESPN is killing hockey, even more than I thought, according to a Jason Chung, a fellow and blogger at The Project of Law and Mind Sciences at the Harvard Law School. Off Wing Opinion does a nice job summarizing and supporting the claim.

A short take on the Flyers' free agent acquisitions from All Philadelphia Sports. They believe the the Flyers will go from last to first. The boys and I had a good laugh at that one.

If you're a fan of crazy weathermen, this is your video. Courtesy of Awful Announcing.

Mondesi's House is producing a movie for this years' Pirates team. The choices are not only hilarious but occasionally scary in their resemblance.

We here at Doubt About It hope everyone has a great Fourth of July, with the least amount of fingers being blown off by M80s. We'll be taking the rest of the day off to enjoy the fireworks, although don't be surprised to see a post possibly from Pirate in Search of Nutting's Chest, but no guarantees. Have a nice 4th!

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TAS said...

I can only aspire to the greatness of the Crazy Weatherman.

And any movie with Cindy Crawford, Beaker, and Chairman Kaga sounds like a movie worth watching in my book.

Keep up the good work, Sambo.