Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jeter and A-Rod on the Same Team? Where Will We Put Them?

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced today that they have traded a player to be named later for Cesar Izturis. Personally I think this is just a continuation of the Aramis Ramirez deal. Chicago General Manager, Jim Hendry, is simply looking out for a fellow GM who is about to lose his job.

In all likelihood this is how the trade went down...

Dave Littlefield; plays drunk, depressed, General Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Jim Hendry: plays Chicago Cubs GM.

Dave Littlefield: Jimmmmmmm, it's me Dave...I'm not doing well man.
Jim Hendry: Have you considered Ian Snell for a goat yet?
Dave: Come on man, I'm in a bad spot. This isn't time to talk minor transactions.
Jim: What's a matter Dave?
Dave: I'm in a bad spot mannn...(Crying), they're calling for my job man...
Jim: I'll tell you what Dave, I realize we pretty much gave you nothing for Aramis Ramirez. How bout I send you Cesar Izturis. This time I'll take the player to be named later.
Dave: Who's that?
Jim: Just trust me, he doesn't think hes the Willie Mays of shortstop. Hes been demoted to bench duty for us, but he'll fit right into your lineup.
Dave: Are you sure hes major league ready?
Jim: Yes Dave, remember what we talked about before...fellow GM's must always watch each others backs in times of need. Right now is your time of need.
Dave: I can't thank you enough Jim.
Jim: Just don't forget about my proposal for that Snelling kid you got.
Dave: Can we still get the goat?
Jim: You bet.
Dave: Nice... (hangs up phone)

So luckily Dave Littlefield still has friends.... and they obviously feel bad for him. When all is said and done, however, I still fear the player to be named later. Izturis is at the end of an expensive contract, with a 5 million dollar club option for next year. Hopefully Dave Little"League" didn't waste our only true trading piece in Sean Burnett.

I still believe Sean Burnett could provide healthy competition for next years starting rotation. A starting rotation that is unfortunately, and prematurely, written into stone year after year.

PIRATES FANS BEWARE: Don't be surprised if Izturis (A-Rod) plays 3B for the Pirates on Friday as Jack Wilson (Jeter) is given one last chance to hold down his Shortstop spot.

I doubt I'm the only person who feels this coming on, but I really feel that this "Your job is in jeopardy" thing is going to inspire Jack Wilson.

My Prediction: Jack Wilson hits for the cycle in his first game following the trade and continues his tear, batting .350 for the rest of the season.

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SeanCollier said...

Dejan's saying that the PTBNL is likely a AAA reliever, so we can hope that Burnett is still in the fold.

If we get a decent return for Jack, I guess it's good news, but at the same time, it's a shame to see him go. Pirates come and go so quickly, just being in posession of a guy for seven years felt like an acheivement. Then again, he's underperforming, and it doesn't look like that's going to change here.

I agree, though. Watch him go 2 for 4 every night in Boston.