Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Swear I Don't Intentionally Go After SI (UPDATED)

I had never heard of Alan Muir until today, and apparently Mr. Muir (maybe Mr. is too formal, considering his picture makes him look like a middle-schooler) has never heard of the NHLPA. He wrote yesterday that the Sidney Crosby deal essentially hurts the Pens, and, although he might deny it, he basically questions Crosby's commitment to winning.

Here is the zinger...

"But after seeing this deal, you have to wonder now if he'll ever get his ring."
Woah there, buddy. First of all, the kid is 19 and you are already speculating that he'll never win a Cup? Second, he is the best player in the league and a team player to boot, so why wouldn't you think he'll go Cup-less throughout his career?

Oh that's right, because he signed to such a huge contract. The article doesnt acknowledge that Sid's contract negotiations had more influence than anything else going on in the NHL this summer. Mr. Muir - do you understand how the NHLPA works, and that as a member of it, Sidney was basically benchmarking the contracts for every single NHL player? Apparently not, because you dont mention it.

When you have the chance to sign THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE for LESS THAN THE MAX, you do it. How come no one was saying LeBron James was "hurting his team" when he signed for the max last summer? Were people criticizing Dwyane Wade? Carmelo Anthony? They all signed for the max and didnt even sign for the full amount of years.

Sidney is signed through 2013, for less than the max, with one MVP under his belt by age 19. The NHLPA isnt complaining, NHL owners certainly aren't, Sid is happy, and Pens fans are thrilled. He's the best player...he made as many people happy as possible...he got paid...he gave the team mroe breathing room than he could of. End of story.

Ok, maybe not end of story. As several readers have pointed out, how come Muir doesn't call out Briere, Gomez, and all the other bums who were overpaid this summer? By getting overpaid, are they more committed to wining than Crosby somehow? Some readers noted that Muir has been critical of teams in the past for overpaying, but not of players for cashing in. So its cool for Scott Gomez to cash in, just as long as Sidney Crosby gets paid peanuts to be a better "team guy". Thanks for the consistency, Alan.

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