Friday, July 13, 2007

Finally: Duke vs. Pitt

For new readers from different basketball sites, you can check out a snapshot of basketball in Pittsburgh here.

As I first saw on Duke Basketball Report, Pitt and Duke are scheduled for a showdown in Madison Square Garden on December 20th. DBR has some nice things to say about Pitt and is pumped for the game. How couldnt you be? It's two programs that never get to play one another, in MSG, as an early season test in which both teams will surely come away with a better idea of where they stand. Throw in the fact that it will effectively split my family in two and there is a damn good chance I will be coming back up to NYC in December for the game.

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tecmo said...

This is the game everyone was waiting for in the tourney. If only Eric Maynor and VCU hadn't beat Duke at the last second

Joshua said...

I've always said that if Pitt (grad school) and Duke (my undergrad alma mater) ever played, I would root for Duke, no questions asked. I'm sorry, but I feel that loyalty for the undergrad alma mater trumps loyalty for the current school.

Unknown said...

I can't believe this is finally happening. My friend and I have literally been anticipating a matchup between these teams since Jerome Lane was shattering backboards and Billy King was putting up bricks back in the late 80's. Twenty years later, Coach K has finally run out of tricks for avoiding the Panthers!

Anonymous said...

Duke will win