Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Faneca to Report, Sans-Bells

Pittsburgh's favorite #66 (I kid, I kid) will report, claiming this is his last camp and that he will not report "with bells on". I was just wondering earlier today in my Buy Sam a Drink article why we havent heard about Faneca in a while, and apparently Alan reads the website. Welcome back to the news, Mr. Faneca. I suspect we will be hearing a good bit more from you.

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Unknown said...

Faneca should keep his damn mouth shut and play football.

Unknown said...

I think he has a somewhat legit gripe. For the most part he is keeping quiet, relative to other jerks in the league. With the rash of documented problems after retirement for many football players, especially lineman, I'd ask for more money too.

I don't blame the steelers for not paying him. But as long as he plays hard I can't blame Faneca for talking either.

Never Wears Shoes said...

yinzer, they made him the highest paid at his position during his last contract. He signed the contract, he should shut up and stop complaining like johnny says. Just because the steelers don't feel like being as dumb as other teams giving out monster deals to lineman, doesn't mean its a personal insult. Football is a business.