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Excellent East RETRO Report, 7/13/92

(While the Pirates are on break I'll be going into the Doubt About It archives, to games right before the All-Star Break in years when the Pirates and their division weren't so pathetic, when I typed up every report on my Tandy 1000, printed it out on paper with removable side-holes, and posted it on my school bulletin board...)

Borrowing from the media’s name for the National League East, the Excellent East Report is a daily feature which recaps all the previous day’s games in which an East team played. Keep track of all six teams vying for the most esteemed division title in baseball.

Craig Fuji, AP

Pirates take 3 of 4 from Reds, win 7-6 in 10 innings

Recap: Gary Redus hit the go-ahead two run shot in the top of the 10th, and Stan Belinda held on for the save, his 13th of the season. As we come to expect from our Pirates these past 3 seasons, they always find a way to win, even with contributions from that deep bench. The Pirates head into the All-Star Break with a modest 3 game winning streak and somewhat avenge that 4 game debacle against the Reds at the beginning of the month.

All You Need to Know: Halfway through the season and the Buccos stand 4.5 games above the Cardinals. Anything less would be a disappointment. We have the talent at almost every position, and have even dealt with the clubhouse chemistry problems that really emerged from the previous year. Bonds is having another MVP caliber season and the Pirates seem poised to make another run at the World Series. The Pens have won consecutive Stanley Cups and have the greatest (and finally healthy) hockey player in the world, the Steelers have shown they're a Superbowl threat with the next coming of Bradshaw and Franco in O'Donnell and Barry Foster, and the Pirates have the best player in baseball right now in Barry Bonds, even if he is a jerk. Just look at the age of these players:
  • Neil O'Donnell- 26 years old
  • Mario Lemieux- 26 years old
  • Barry Bonds -27 Years old
I still have faith we'll sign Barry for the long term. Pittsburgh will be the City of Champions again, for the next 5-10 years. The sports renaissance will spark an economic renaissance in the city itself. I can't see anything that can go wrong with this.

Dodgers crush Cardinals, 9-0

Recap: Kevin Gross, who had only won one of his past 7 starts, pitched a complete game shutout for the Dodgers. The Cardinals have still won 5 of the past 7. With Joe Torre at the helm I'm just not sure if they'll ever make that jump from mediocre team to a contender.

All You Need to Know: The Dodgers' season is in the toilet, so it might be wise of them to start bringing up some prospects. A quick glance at their organization does not provide too much hope though. Their catcher of the future, Mike Piazza, was drafted as a favor in the 62nd round, and a pitching prospect with electric stuff, Pedro Martinez, is way too short and won't have the endurance to be a starter. On the bright side, they have a stable of young arms from the past few drafts including Kiki Jones, Jaime McAndrew, and Ronnie Walden who were all drafted in the first round.

Giants return Expos to .500, win 4-0

It seems like we're the only team that can score in this division. The reliable Bill Swift shut down the Expos, limiting them to 7 hits over 7 innings.

All You Need to Know: The Expos have truly begun to spread baseball up north, as Canada's representative in the Little League World series has made it to the semi-finals the past 2 years, most notably in 1990 when a team from Trail, British Columbia, led by a kid named Jason Bay came in third place. Jason credits his plate patience and ability to hit in clutch situations to watching the Expos.

Astros Answer Mets, 3-1

Recap:Bobby Bonilla went 0-4 as the Mets could not complete the sweep.

All You Need to Know: The Mets' average team age is over 30. 1986 was 6 years ago, time to stop living in the past.

Cubs fall in 10 innings to those pathetic Braves, 7-4

Recap: Kent Merker picked up the win as Jeff Blauser hit a two run shot in the top of the tenth for the win. That jerk Terry Pendleton went 1-5. I know everyone wants me to get over this, but I still can't believe he won the MVP over Barry last year. I know Barry only hit .292 last year while Pendleton hit .319, but Barry's OPS was a ridiculous .924 while Pendleton's was only .880. I'm telling you, this stat is a better gauge of a player's ability and the first team that realizes this will revolutionize baseball.

All You Need to Know: I hope the Braves win their division so we get another crack at them. Look, not counting last year they have endured 7 straight losing seasons and the last time they were in the playoffs they were swept. They have a history of losing...I can't see them staying on top for too long.

Phillies losing streak now at 8, fall to Padres 8-2

Recap: Don Robinson couldn't get out of the third inning, giving up 5 runs in the first and another in the third. If it wasn't for the extremely likable John Kruk hitting .346 the Phillies would not have a lot to look forward to.

All You Need to Know: With the Phillies loss the Pirates were the only team in the division to win their last game before the All-Star Break. Just looking at these scores makes one wonder exactly how the Pirates could ever fall from their perch. The players, manager, and history is all there. The optimism and support from the fans that this could be the year has to be encouraging to the players

Your Excellent East Standings on July 13th, 1992:

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