Sunday, July 8, 2007

Doubt About It: Back from NYC

Sorry for the lack of posting this weekend - the men of Doubt About It were reuniting for their annual NYC Summer Blowout. Dave Wannstache attempted to befriend Richard Jefferson of the New Jersey Nets, Sam continued his tradition of sleepwalking in the morning's wee hours, Pirate in search of Nutting's Chest made some interesting choices with the ice bucket at a fine establishment, Pat attempted to pick fights with Ivy-leaugers - yup, pretty much a standard weekend.

And, oh yeah, seems like we left just when the whole Bucco Blog thing blew up a little bit. Sam, I imagine, will touch on this at some point soon (he seems to be the only one who cares about it...oops, I mean, uhh, when one blog fails we all do! right? No but seriously, it raises some interesting questions). And before he gets to a computer, I would just like to point out that he commented on the post directly under this one at 5:17AM. It is nothing short of a miracle that there are no spelling errors in that statement.

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