Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Comedy Central Reports, 7/3

Borrowing from the media’s name for the National League Central, the Comedy Central Report is a daily feature which recaps all the previous day’s games in which a central team played. Keep track of all six teams vying for the most mediocre division title in baseball.

A short report today, working on some other features...

Pirates fall hard to Brewers 10-3

Recap: When I wrote that article last week, explaining why the Pirates maybe, barely, possibly had a slim chance at coming back in the division I completely failed to mention the bullpen. Masumi Kuwata gave up 7 runs in the 7th inning, completely overshadowing a strong start from John Van Benschoten, who only gave up 3 hits. Of course, there is really no difference between 10-3 and 4-3, as the Pirates offense would not have been able to muster enough to win anyway.

All You Need to Know: Damian Miller, the Jake Taylor/Crash Davis washed up catcher of the Brewers, knocked in an astonishing 7 RBIs. Three years ago on the exact same day, Jason Bay hit 8 RBIs against the Brewers in what would be a signature game in his rookie of the year season. The future looked so bright then.

Cubs keep pace, defeat Nationals 7-2

Recap: Alfonso Soriano returned to Washington for the first time, leading the Cubs to a game above .500.

All You Need to Know: Sorry about the video yesterday. The suits at MLB took it off of youtube after awhile. The amount that the NFL and MLB try and control their product is beginning to get ridiculous.

Cards outslug Diamondbacks 11-3

Recap: The Cardinals' bats continue to come alive of late and their pitching has improved, albeit slightly.

Cardinals Stat of the Day: The Cardinals have only been above .500 for two games this year, all the way back on April 11th and 15th.

Astros find bats again, beat Phillies 7-5

Recap: Hunter Pence hits another homerun, this one a two-run shot that would be the difference in the game. With the win, the Pirates now find themselves in familiar 5th place.

All You Need to Know: Hunter Pence, since being called up on April 28th, has hit .342 with 9 homeruns and 38 RBIs.

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