Thursday, July 19, 2007

Comedy Central Report, 7/19

Borrowing from the media’s name for the National League Central, the Comedy Central Report is a daily feature which recaps all the previous day’s games in which a central team played. Keep track of all six teams vying for the most mediocre division title in baseball.

Lost Faith

Pirates drop 6th in a row, lose to Rockies 6-3

Recap: Ian Snell is a pissed off Pirate. After having another tough outing since coming back from the break, Snell accused the Rockies of stealing signs. Jack Wilson and Jim Colburn were seen arguing with each other in the dugout. Times are not good to be a Pirate.

All You Need to Know: At least Freddy is displaying a little pop in his bat, as he hit his second home run since the All-star break. The complete loss of Jason Bay's bat has defined the season for me, as I'm sure for many others.

D'backs stop Brewers 5-2

Recap: Mark Reynolds hit a 3 run shot in the 8th inning to stop their 7 game losing streak. Tony Pena picked up the win in relief. Even with the loss, the injury to Sheets has been mostly overcome so far.

All You Need to Know: Accompanying this latest Pirates' losing streak, I have been hit with some rather nasty writers block. I think it stems from the fact that you can only complain so much about the team before you even find yourself being repetitive. Who here is tired of not only the losing but talking about it as well? Leave a comment if you have hit the tipping point of Pirates talk.

Cubs demolish Giants 12-1

While only pitching 5 inning, Carlos Zambrano picked up his 12th win of the season, the first pitcher in the NL to do so. Kendall did not get to play.

All You Need to Know: Daryle Ward is batting .323, although only with 68 at-bats. I'd still rather have that on the Pirates' bench.

Cardinals Shut Out Marlins 6-0

Kip Wells (!!) Went 8 strong innings, only giving up 2 hits. Looks like the Pirates are not the only team that can make him look good.

All You Need to Know: Amazingly, Kip lowered his ERA by .5 points, from 6.25 to 5.75. In just one game at this late stage in the season that is remarkable.

Astros lost to Nationals 7-6

Hunter Pence Watch: Went 1-5, lowering his BA to .332.Other than Hunter Pence, I find the Astros to be the most uncompelling team in the Central. At least with the Reds there is that whole Pete Mackanin storyline. I'm sure somewhere in the Astros blogosphere, someone is saying the exact same thing about the Pirates.

Reds beat Braves 5-4 in 15th inning

Recap: Brandon Phillips hit a pinch hit 2 run single in the Top of the 15th, and the Reds managed to hold on for the win and the sweep.

All You Need to Know: The Braves compiled 18 hits but could only score 4 runs. The Pirates' poor play might just be contagious.

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