Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Comedy Central Report, 7/18

Borrowing from the media’s name for the National League Central, the Comedy Central Report is a daily feature which recaps all the previous day’s games in which a central team played. Keep track of all six teams vying for the most mediocre division title in baseball.

I'd rather put my faith in this man

Pirates drop 5th in a row, lose to Rockies 6-2

Recap: Josh Fogg held the Pirates to 2 runs over 7 innings. Josh Fogg. Just when the Pirates act like they might give you a reason to watch until Steelers' training camp, they go and pull this. Training camp is early this year, too! They just needed one more week! Alas, the offense could not find a spark and Shane Youman had a rough 2nd inning, giving up 4 runs.

All You Need to Know: The only redeeming quality of the game was watching Nate McClouth park one into the grandstands off of Fogg. It brought back fuzzy memories of the better days in 2003, when Fogg allowed 28 home runs and the Pirates stood at 43-50 at this point in the season. Glad we're making progress.

Brewers defeat Arizona 3-2

Recap: Claudio Vargas got the win, only pitching 5 strong innings. With this start he continues his season long trend of short outings. He's now 7-2 with a 4.47 ERA and has never pitched past the 6th inning.

All You Need to Know: Arizona lost its 7th game in a row, so at least we can feel better about ourselves by enjoying their misery, right?....right??

Cubs lose to Giants, 4-2

Poor Jason Kendall. On the night he returns to the Comedy Central he goes 0-3. On his first game back since the All-Star Break, Barry Zito pitched 7 strong innings for the win.

All You Need to Know
: 25 games until the Giants come back to the 'Burgh, and with each passing day without a home run for Barry, the likelihood of him breaking it here increases by a little bit. Considering its a one day double-header, and then the Giants head to Atlanta, I completely see this turning ugly if Barry is 1 HR away from tying or breaking the record, but skips the game and goes straight to Atlanta.

Marlins shutout Cardinals

Triple A pitcher Vanden Hurk came up for a spot start for the fish and shut down the cardinals for 5 innings.

All You Need to Know: No Cardinals stat of the day, just a follow up on the dandy-house ads behind home plate when Kuwata pitches, as mentioned in PiSoNC's article. Not sure if every had already done their own research, but it looks as though its just a day spa for men. I was really hoping for something a bit more japanese.

Astros prevail over Nationals 4-2

Reds beat Braves 6-5

Recap: The Reds won and the Astros won.

All You Need to Know: I apologize for the crummy post today. It's tough to get excited about baseball right now with the way the Pirates are playing and the lack of what I feel to be any compelling story lines. What's the baseball equivalent of Paxil?

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