Monday, July 9, 2007

Ask The GM: Dave Littlefield

Every so often, Pirates General Manager Dave Littlefield will answer a question from one lucky Pirates' fan. Here is today's question:

Anthony (Plum, PA): Do you have any specific player you are looking to acquire in anticipation of the July 31st trading deadline? Maybe another power bat or arm out of the pen?

Littlefield: I’m glad you asked, because I actually do have someone in mind that I think can help this ballcluib. On TV the other day, I was watching a game between the Brewers and the Cubs. I think my program guide was messed up though, cause it said “Mr. 3000”, which apparently is a baseball movie starring Bernie Mac (at least that’s what my program guide said. Like I told you, I think it’s broken or something). Anyways, I was watching this game, and the Brewers have this guy named T-Rex Pennybaker. This guy is unbelievable. He’s a five tool player, which means he has speed, power, defense, and I forgot what the other two attributes are. Yesterday, I made the decision that this was the guy we needed to acquire. So I called Brewers GM Doug Melvin, but he claimed he’s never heard of the guy. I said, “Doug, I just saw him playing for you the other day. I have the eyes of a hawk. I know what I saw.” Then, I offered him Ian Snell, Tom Gorzelanny, Andrew McCutchen, and Neil Walker for Pennybaker. But he kept insisting that they have no one named Pennybaker on their team. I hung up, a little confused, but then I figured out the obvious. All these GM’s are blackballing me! You see, they remember the Bobby Hill heist (where I traded Aramis Ramirez and Kenny Lofton for Hill), and they fear dealing with me. Hey, you know what, that just makes my job a little tougher. Don’t worry, though, I’ll reassure the GM’s around the league that everyone is on an equal playing field. Then I’ll be able to make the appropriate deals at the deadline. That includes Pennybaker coming to Pittsburgh.

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