Thursday, June 21, 2007

YOU Pick The Worst Pirates Team Ever --Updated

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(Editor's note: Thanks to Don at Mondesis' House, The Big Lead, and Steve over at the The Parrot for linking to the ballot. Be sure to check back later in the day for the Primary results.)

As both Mondesi and our site have pointed out, the Pirates have been pushing for you to vote for all 8 current position players to send them to the All-Star Game. This is your chance to finally vote them to a place where they actually belong. Your chance to pick the 8 worst position players the Pirates have ever had during these 15 seasons of futility and send them to the Pirates' Fans' Hall of Shame. We here at Doubt About It have constructed a ballot with all the same rules as the MLB All-Star game. Pick 1 player from each position and we'll tally up the votes and release the results on Monday, July 2nd, along with our staff picks on who should make the Bucco's Hall of Shame.

The criteria for voting is however you please. Think someone didn't care about winning? Was a player overpaid? Did they just plain suck? All valid reasons for your choices. Click Here to start!

A few notes: We tried to include every significant Pirates' position player from the past 15 years, but I'm sure we left off someone's most despised player, but possibly for a reason. Like in J.J. Davis' case, we thought it would be unfair to list him due to the lack of time he spent on the major league club, even though most recognize his name. If I get enough requests through email for any player not listed, we'll put them on the ballot. For the outfield we encourage 3 different players to be picked, but if you want to pick one guy three times because he hit your mom with a foul ball, we'll accept it.

The position picked for each player was based on what they played the most when they were a Pirate, so if your looking for Mackowiak look in the outfield. We included A. Nunez and Enrique Wilson for both SS and 2B because even though they primarily played 2B, they were utility infielders and there would have been a lack of SS without them and I didn't include a "utility infielders" category.

Players Added Due To Request (Some big misses bad):
Benito Santiago
Adrian Brown
Gary Matthews Jr.

So what are you waiting for?

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tecmo said...

Can I just pick the entire '97 Freak Show Pirates? Under .500 with a shot at the wild card into September. I think it hurt so bad because we were close, but still sucked.

Sean said...

It's so difficult to pick just one Pirates player per position.

This is a great idea!

Unknown said...

How do you even begin to start narrowing down the outfielders?