Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weekend Update

A quick update on a few things:

-First some Penguins' related news: As I'm sure most people have heard, the Penguins resigned forwards Gary Roberts and Mark Recchi. A great job by Ray Shero, who managed to get them to sign for only one year each, which is a good move considering the age of both players. The best part of the story were some of the quotes from Roberts in the Post-Gazette:

About being close to his daughter: "That only place that really would have worked in that regard was Toronto," he said . "And I'd been there and done that."

"After a couple of months of looking at possible options ... I really didn't see anything more appealing," he said last night, a few hours after agreeing to a one-year contract worth $2.5 million.
"I have an opportunity to play with a team that has a chance to win the Cup," he said. "I think we're really close.

"I'm good with that," he said. "If I can stay healthy and have a good year, maybe I'll have an opportunity to come back to Pittsburgh for another year."

Then, Ray Shero goes out and picks Angelo Esposito with the 20th selection in the first round. Espisto was considered to be the #1 pick before last season, but he didn't produce exactly what everyone expected. Still, just when everyone assumes that this is the year we won't get a blue chip player, Shero goes out and at least gives us that possibility. Another great move. Pensblog has a nice recap of the eventful day, while Empty Netters has a great ranking of 1st overall draft picks of yesteryear in terms of what movies they would be in. PSaMP also has some interesting and funny thoughts on what Dave Littlefield would have done had he been drafting for the Pens during the past 10 years.

-I'm sorry for getting this out so late, but I got an email on Friday from reader Sean who works for Allegheny County of Special Events/Kane Regional Glen Hazel with a great tip about a great cause. He's currently running a charity auction of sports memorabilia, raising funds for the Kane Regional Assisted Living Facility. I'll let Sean explain:

"The county’s “Ties on Tour” event is auctioning off one-of-a-kind celebrity owned and autographed ties to benefit the Kane Regional Assisted Living Facilities. Among the ties (which come with caricatures by the excellent Pittsburgh artist Kyle Holbrook) are a number of Pittsburgh sports notables, including Dan Rooney, Bill Cowher, Mike Tomlin, Max Starks, Ray Shero, Kevin McClatchy, and Dave Wannstedt. We’ve also got a solid lineup of other Pittsburghers represented, including Luke Ravenstahl, Jim Krenn, Dan Onorato, and Jim Roddey, as well as many more, including Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Rod Stewart, George Steinbrenner, Tim Russert, Ted Kennedy, George Will, Bob Knight, and more."

As I write this post, the Dave Wannstedt tie is only going for $13. That's cheaper than buying a simple ordinary tie at Men's Warehouse and I still bet you'll like the way you look. Or you could go the other route and bid on the ties of the the two largest chins in America: Bill Cowher and Jay Leno.


The auction ends June 30th, so make sure to get your bids in soon by clicking here. (Click here for pictures.)

-An update on the Pirates Hall of Shame voting. Over 300 people have voted so far...a great turnout by all accounts. We still have a little over a week to go, so keep voting or tell others to vote. The results will be revealed on Monday, July 2nd. I also am going to add three more very short categories to the vote. The three categories are based on a suggestion from reader Phil, who believes we should be enshrining a different group other than the players into the Pirates' Hall of Shame. He is referring to the incompetant management. The new categories, with your chance to vote for the worst GM, Owner, and Manager of the past 15 seasons, will be up a little later tonight. If you already voted, feel free to vote just for the front office personnel...not all fields are required to be filled in for your vote to count. Click here to vote.

-Be sure to check out Dave Wannstache's post and Pat's article below. Pat's, in my opinion, is convincing but is sure to stir up some controversy. If you find a problem with it be sure to let him know in the comments section or by emailing him. Dave's new post is the start of a new weekly series, "Ask the GM", where "Dave Littlefield" will give you an honest answer to some of the biggest questions facing the Pirates today. Scroll down to check them out if you have not already.

-Hope everyone has a great weekend...thanks for making our first week so enjoyable. The amount of feedback and support we've gotten has been both surprising and overwhelming. We hope to continue to provide posts that everyone will enjoy and can discuss. If you have a suggestion, tip, or complaint, please email us at

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