Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Raul is Smiling Somewhere

We'd be remiss here at Doubt About It if we didn't congratulate Mondesi's House on its one year anniversay today. We've learned pretty quickly that it takes a lot of time and creativity to make one of these things successful, and the fact that Mondesi (or Don...or Raul...I never quite know what to call him) has been doing it so well for a year is most definitely praiseworthy. The site has been remarkably kind to us thus far and is responsible for a large portion of our hits to this point. It's funny that he has a picture of a cake up on his homepage, because Sam just suggested a few days ago that we ought to send him one for being so kind in linking to us (process pending...).

So congrats to Mondesi's House, and too bad for all of you putting money down on me not being able to post before 10am after my birthday.

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