Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pirates' Hall of Shame Primary Results- Updated!


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First, I want to thank the 710 people who have voted as of 8 AM Thursday. The turnout has been amazing and we really appreciate you taking the time to vote. As commenter dbozek points out, trying to pick only 3 outfielders is like trying to pick between a bag full of puppies and a baby penguin, so I respect and admire those who had the determination to narrow it down. But I digress, we're less than 4 days away from the Pirates' Hall of Shame roster becoming official, but to spur on further voting I'm going to announce the results of the primary elections, even though there really were no official primaries. This way you will know which guys actually have a shot to be enshrined in infamy to help you make the best choices. All numbers are valid from 8 AM Thursday. Here's who is still contending (votes in parentheses):

1B: Kevin Young (204) vs Randall Simon (202)
-The battle between the Splitter and the Sausage Beater is the closest race we have for the Hall of Shame. Each vote will count, so definitely let your voice be heard if you didn't vote for one of these guys in the first place.

2B: Warren Morris (160) vs Bobby Hill (127) vs Jeff Reboulet (100)
-This vote isn't as close, but there is still some doubt about it(reference intended). I have a feeling Bobby is getting little love due to the way he was acquired...which is a good a reason as any.

SS: Pat Meares (362) vs Everyone Else (332)

-Pat Meares is not only absolutely destroying the SS competition, but is leading ALL the players in total votes. I have a feeling the events of June 24th-26th, 1999 probably has an influence on this:

Saturday, June 26th
IN THE NEWS--Shortstop Pat Meares of the Pittsburgh Pirates, on the disabled list recovering from surgery on his left hand, participates in a sausage race at Milwaukee's County Stadium. Meares, dressed as a 10-foot bratwurst, wins the race defeating a giant hot dog and a polish sausage. Two days ago, Meares was caught on videotape sunbathing in the upper deck of Philadelphia's Veteran's Stadium for the first six innings of game.
Reader Gene is stumping for Mike Benjamin, who he says has not received his fair share of the fans' fury: "You would think that a hitter batting near the Mendoza line would want to stay somewhat anonymous, but Benjamin walked around sporting those STUPID sideburns as if he was some hotshot superstar."

Sorry for the poor quality, Mike wasn't very often photographed

I couldn't agree more, Gene.

3B: Joe Randa (195) vs Chris Stynes (169)
-Apparently the 1997 campaign has been overwhelmed by last year's blocking of Freddy, subsequent injury, and horrible season.

C: Benito Santiago (210) vs. Humberto Cota (104)
-Injuries to high priced players has begun to become a trend. Cota can't claim this excuse, he just sucks.

OF: Derek Bell (350), Raul Mondesi (291), Chad Hermansen (180),
Jeromy Burnitz (171), Armando Rios(103), Tike Redman(95)

-The first two are really no surprise, but Chad Hermansen beating Beer-nutz?! Upset of the Century! Thankfully, its still close, so make sure to vote for this one. Also Operation Shutdown is only down 12 down to Pat Meares for the most votes....we may have to have an individual vote just between these two.

Manager: Lloyd McClendon (151) vs Jim Tracy (138)
GM: Cam Bonifay (204) vs Dave Littlefield (182)
Owner: Bob Nutting (217) vs Kevin McClatchy (145) vs Pgh Associates (22)

-As much as we complain about the current GM and Manager, it seems as though we're still happy the other guys aren't around. Tracy still has an excellent shot to catch Lloyd. So all you Lloyd lovers, and I know you're out there, better start voting. As for the owner, this wasn't much of a surprise, especially with McClatchy backing away from the spotlight a bit.

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