Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mike Tomlin is Laying Down the Law

So it seems like Camp Tomlin might not be as easy as Camp Cahr. Tomlin has been working the Steelers hard, and it's only "voluntary" camps.

"I've been watching minicamps and stuff on the NFL Network," linebacker Larry Foote said, wiping perspiration from his forehead. "The teams I've been watching, they don't go as hard as we go. We've been flying around. They sure got the right man to replace (Bill) Cowher. He's just as competitive.

"And I swear he's maxing out on the time. By rule, he's using all that he can."

This is refreshing news. Arguably the biggest reason this team struggled last year was a lackadaisical attitude where accountability was nonexistent. That fire and desire to win needs to be rekindled, and it seems Tomlin is doing that with more brisk practice sessions.

Another interesting tidbit:

Tomlin's mention of the Sept. 9 opener raises another issue.

On that day, he figures, maybe he'll have that defining "I'm-a-head-coach" moment. What to do on fourth-and-one?

"Go for it," he says. "That might be the moment."

Hopefully, this is the case. One of my biggest beefs with Cowher was his overly conservative coaching style. Remember his decision to kick a field goal in the 4th quarter of the 2004 AFC Championship game? Down 17 points, at the opponents 2 yard line, in the 4th quarter, and you kick a field goal?

In the words of Alec Baldwin, "it takes brass balls" to coach in the NFL. It doesn't seem like Tomlin will fall short in this department, unlike his large-chinned predecessor.

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Steeltown Mike said...

I'm one of the few who went on record as agreeing with that AFCC call to kick...mainly because we'd already seen a Bettis fumble on a 4th and short and about 700 Roethlisberger INTs.

Not that it would have mattered had we gone for it and scored. Defense could do nothing against Brady and Dillon.