Friday, June 15, 2007

The Launch

Welcome to everyone who has stumbled upon our humble Pittsburgh sports blog. We here at Doubt About It hope to provide the best news and analysis of all Pittsburgh Sports with our own special take that we believe you will find both humorous and informative. Our name was derived from Lanny Frattare's famous call after a Pirates win: "And there was noooooooo doubt about it". We feel that this may be one of the greatest sports calls in the game, not only for its humor about being completely false with this current group of Pirates, but also for the tongue in cheek manor that Lanny obviously says it with. We take this a step further, as we believe there is always a doubt about it when dealing with the Pittsburgh Pirates. If you notice in our banner above, we have Roethlisberger scoring a TD in the superbowl, Sid and Geno celebrating after a goal, and Chris Duffy either completely missing on a bunt or fouling straight into home plate. We still believe in the Pirates, however, just as we believe in the Steelers and Penguins. Most of our posts will deal with these three teams, but expect regular posts about Pitt and Penn State, or basically whatever we feel like. We hope the blog evolves...we won't be held down to a certain definition and truly appreciate your feedback. Send in any general comments/links/complaints or anything else to, or if you have a beef with Sam, Pat, Dave Wannstache, or Pirate in Search of Nutting's Chest, go ahead and let them know your fury. With that said, enjoy the site and articles and feel free to get to know our writers by reading their bios underneath the contributors tab.

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