Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Birthday to the 'Stache

Did you dance with the 'Stache last night?

A Happy Birthday wish goes out from to Dave Wannstache who celebrated his birthday last night at Margarita Mama's.

A couple interesting notes from the night:

-DJ Goofy White Kid wears a personalized Pirates jersey with "G. WhiteKid" on the back.

Was it really necessary to personalize a Pirates jersey?

Just by wearing that jersey I am assuming the following:
-First and foremost, you're cheap....because we all know that jersey was on sale.

-Second of all...second of all....come on dude....Just get a personalized Steelers jersey, the Pirates?!? Seriously?? You're associating yourself with an organization that hasn't won anything since World War II.

Anyhow...If you enjoy those quotable moments that define a night, you'll love this.

To set up the mood for you, lets just let everyone know that Dave Wannstache was feverishly using his birthday status as his pick-up line with the ladies. Any man would...

Dave Wannstache: "It's my birthday tonight"
Some Girl: "I'm getting married on Saturday"
ME: (Laughing so hard, it hurts)

Dave of course didn't let this put a damper on his evening. He then proceeded to spit up the Three Wise Men shot I bought him, thinking it was another Jack and Coke...SURPRISE!!! Yeah, next time I'll make sure you get the memo because sipping on a Three Wise Men, when you think it's a Jack and Coke, cannot be fun.

Once again,
CHEERS to the 'Stache !!!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Wow, how'd I miss this back in June?

First, thanks for the shout-out.

I do have personalized Steelers (home and away) and Pens (2005 season) jerseys. And a bunch of others. Images to prove it are on my site.

And I did some work for the Pie-rates, that's how I got the jersey. You can buy them, but I didn't.