Friday, June 29, 2007

Greg Brown and Bob Walk Support Jeff Reed's Choices

So I've recently decided that the Comedy Central Reports will only run from Monday through Thursday, mostly because I'm lazy but also because it coincides with the Daily Show's weekly schedule. But today I've got something very good for you to make up for it. A friend of Doubt About It has put together a video combining a part of the Pirates' 8-1 victory over Texas from a couple weeks ago with pictures of a certain party loving kicker. I'm told that all audio came from the same game and that about 80% of it was unedited. If you can't stand the original Jeff Reed mirror picture, this may not be for you, although the quality of the video makes it easy to bear. Wait until about 20 seconds in for the hilarity to ensue...

"It's big and thick, that's for sure..."

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