Thursday, June 21, 2007

Did Littlefield Make These Picks?

Doubt About It reader Nathan passes along some great research concerning first round picks of the Penguins and their career stats...

1993: Stefan Bergkvist, #26 overall, 7 G, 0 points, 9 PIM
1994: Chris Wells, #24 overall, 195 G, 29 points, 193 PIM
1995: Aleksey Morozov (the best of the bunch), #24 overall, 451 G, 219 points, 98 PIM
1996: Craig Hillier, #23 overall, 0 NHL games, last seen in the CHL in the 2003-04 season
1997: Robert Dome, #17 overall, 53 G, 14 points, 12 PIM
1998: Milan Kraft, #23 overall, 207 G, 82 points, 52 PIM
1999: Konstantin Koltsov, #18 overall, 144 G, 38 points, 50 PIM

I think it is safe to say that despite a continuing presence in the NHL playoffs throughout the 90's, Craig Patrick started losing his touch as far as the draft was concerned. Hopefully the Pens fare a little better in the upcoming draft - recent history suggests they are on the right track (see: Fleury, Crosby, Malkin, Staal). Thanks again Nathan. Any other great research will be posted, just email

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