Friday, June 29, 2007

Ask The GM: Dave Littlefield

Every so often, Pirates General Manager Dave Littlefield will answer a question from one lucky Pirates' fan. Here is today's question:

Ben (Uniontown, PA): Has there been any discussion within the organization of releasing Tony Armas? I just feel like he is struggling and the roster spot could be better used.

Littlefield: Ben, the feeling within this organization is that Armas has been exceptional this year. Listen, you seem like a nice guy, but it’s obvious that your baseball knowledge is a little lacking. Tony Armas has an 8.92 ERA. You know what that means? It means he’s allowing one run every 8.92 innings. That’s outstanding! Why would we want to release a guy who pretty much only gives up one run per nine innings? There are only a couple pitchers in this league who I’d rather have than Armas. Like maybe Jeff Weaver. I saw him last week when we played the Mariners, and he was just lights out against us. Everyone seemed surprised. I read all these articles that couldn’t believe he was capable of such things. But I knew better. His ERA coming into that game was 10.97! One run every 10.97 innings! That means we probably weren’t going to score any runs against him, and we didn’t. Man, we could use Jeff Weaver in our rotation. I have the cash to pay Weaver’s salary too since I bypassed on that loser Wieters. I’m gonna call Mariners GM Bill Bavasi and see if I can get rid of that bum Ian Snell and his 2.92 ERA for Weaver. Bavasi is an idiot, so I think he’ll go for it.

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