Friday, June 22, 2007

Anthony Smith Goes "Primetime"

Where do I begin? This might be one of my favorite videos ever. Let’s see what we have here:

- First of all, this video is a reminder as to why I have a man-crush on Anthony Smith. This is a hell of an interception, and combined with his hit the next week on Douchemandzadeh, it cemented his position as my favorite player on the Steelers defense.

- We have Dick LeBeau going absolutely apeshit. He doesn’t seem too pleased. I guess they didn’t showboat back when LeBeau was playing in the early 1800’s (come on, I’m joking, I love LeBeau).

- As you can see, the Steelers are winning this game quite handily, and those were few and far between last year. So that counts for something. I should mention that Chris Weinke was quarterbacking the Panthers that day, and he did have a 17-game losing streak as a starter, so yeah, he kind of sucks.

- “OHHHHHHH, IS THAT A TRIBUTE!?!?” Classic. I think Deion Sanders’ head almost exploded. I don’t know what Deion’s reaction would have been had Smith took it to the house and did the “Primetime” dance in the endzone. It doesn’t sound like Deion is too thrilled with LeBeau’s teaching methods either.

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X said...

Eh, this still seems to me like a douchey move from a rookie.

Pat said...

I agree. I hated it when I saw it. Wannstache, I can vividly remember being at a steelers pre-season game with you and listening to you bitch about Joey Porter celebrate on a play. Care to explain this hypocrisy?

Dave Wannstache said...

Well, nowhere in my post did I say I approved of the move he did after the interception.

What I did say is that the interception he made reminded me of why I like him a lot. A one-hander, and he showed pretty good instincts reading the quarterback and getting in position to pick it off.